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GATHER. GRILL. Graffigna.

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Every time a bottle of Graffigna wine is opened, unforgettable memories and good times seem to follow. We call it the G Effect.

We’re inviting you to bring the G Effect right to your own backyard, with everything you need for an authentic Argentine asado-style feast.

A chance to win this deluxe grill package.

4 winners will receive ALL 3 of the prizes BELOW (a $1200 total value)

compact grill
Grill at home or on the road
grill stand
No table required
Asado Steak Dinner Kit FOR 8
The perfect gathering awaits

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GATHER. GRILL. Graffigna.


The G Effect

Great nights can unfold in countless directions, spurred by generous pours and lively conversations, and pulled by the gravity of the company we keep.

They always start the same way, though: with Graffigna. We call it the G Effect.